Hear Our Voices: CVH July 2012 Update


JULY 2012



* Major Mobilization on 8/18: cvh Turns up the heat this summer

* poughkeepsie housing takeover: "Silly banker, homes are for people!"

* funding for transitional jobs kept in nyc budget

* statewide leaders meeting brings together nearly 100 members
* WE'RE BACK! cvh goes to the white house


** Ongoing: Campaign & chapter meetings are ongoing. Contact CVH's campaign organizers

** July 11: Strategy meeting around NYC's 2013 elections. East Harlem, 6pm.  Contact Henry@CVHaction.org.

** July 26: Government 101 training. East Harlem, evening.  Contact Carmen@CVHaction.org

** July 27: BBQ in East Harlem to bring people together to celebrate the membership & leadership efforts in building towards the August 18 mobilization.  East Harlem, daytime. Contact Carmen@CVHaction.org.

** July 28: BBQ in Yonkers, Newburgh & Poughkeepsie to bring people together to celebrate the membership & leadership efforts in building towards the August 18 mobilization.  Contact Jenny@CVHaction.org.

** SAVE THE DATE: Aug 18: Turn Up the Heat mobilization. NYS.  Contact Carmen@CVHaction.org









major mobilization on 8/18: cvh turns up the heat this summer!

On Saturday, August 18, join hundreds of CVH members from around the state to Turn Up the Heat on our state's politicians!

Register now to get your spot on the bus!

We need these politicians to fight for quality jobs, truly affordable housing, and a state government that works for all of New York's communities, especially low-income communities. On 8/18, we will have a People's Assembly to pass the legislation WE need, since Albany hasn't been doing it!

Download the save the date flyer for NYC, for Yonkers, for Newburgh, and for Poughkeepsie.

More details to come but, for now, be sure to save the date to join us for a great day of actions!

Contact Carmen@CVHaction.org for more info.


Poughkeepsie housing takeover: "silly banker, homes are for people"

Mid-Hudson News reported on June 25:

"A number of Poughkeepsie residents walked through areas of the city Saturday and cleaned up vacant, foreclosed properties and buildings to point up a need for more affordable housing.  The effort, spearheaded by the group Community Voices Heard, called on banks to clean up the properties and make them available for homeless residents.

"Poughkeepsie resident Sheila Blanding was among those marching through the city. 'These banks got away with crashing the economy and the housing market, and yet they still own homes in Poughkeepsie that used to belong to people,' she said. 'Now these homes are sitting empty, and at the same time we have families who are homeless. Who needs these homes more – the banks or people?' "

Read the full article here and check out one of our hottest Facbook posts ever

Contact Jenny@CVHaction.org for more info.


Funding for transitional jobs kept in nyc budget

After months of working with allied members of the City Council to push back against a proposal to zero out funding for the Parks Opportunity Program and other job training programs that provide real experience for welfare workers in New York City, the City Council restored most funding for this important program that CVH helped to establish.

The City & State First Read reported on the campaign's progress on June 20:

"A growing number of New York City Council members are pushing back against a proposal that would cut $25 million from a jobs program for New Yorkers who are on welfare, and transfer them to a leaner, bare-bones jobs program without many of the benefits they currently enjoy. More than half of the members of the City Council have signed a letter opposing the funding cut in recent weeks, including Gale Brewer, Jessica Lappin and the Council’s entire Black, Latino and Asian Caucus...

"In letters sent to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn earlier this month, the Council members wrote that the WEP program 'does not provide adequate work experience,' 'does not provide a paycheck,' and would eliminate eligibility for the Earned Income Tax Credit."

We would like to thank the members of the City Council that championed this issue throughout the budget negotiations and for their collaborative work with the Mayor to restore most of the funding for the transitional jobs program, including Council Speaker Quinn and Finance Committee Chair Recchia.

Read our action alert with the full City & State description, as well as our updated release on the budget announcement.

Contact Jennifer@CVHaction.org for more info.

statewide leaders meeting brings together Nearly 100 members

98 members from around the state gathered in East Harlem on Saturday, June 16 to build out the work of CVH.

We discussed recent work around the Committee to Save New York and laid out plans for this summer's mobilization to Turn Up the Heat.

This was another gathering that brought together members from around the state and was a huge success!

Check out some pictures of the statewide leaders meeting on Facebook and see Agnes Rivera on the set of Albany's premier political TV show, Capital Tonight.

Contact Henry@CVHaction.org for more info.


We're Back! CVH Goes to the White House

For the second time this year, CVH leaders visited the White House.  Walter Lipscomb, co-chair of the Board of Directors and a leader from the Yonkers Chapter, participated in the New York State Community Leaders Briefing with dozens of community and labor allies.

Check out pictures of the Walter in and outside of the White House and (bonus feature!) here's the picture of Ann Bragg when she was at the White House earlier this year