Hear Our Voices: CVH March 2013 Update

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MARCH 2013



* 200 Person Public Meeting with State & Federal Elected Officials

* Continued Outreach Following Sandy; Response to $40 Million for Public Housing Repairs in NYC

* Participatory Budgeting Heats Up in East Harlem, South Bronx, & Citywide!

* Gearing Up for a Big Election Year

* Farewell to Henry Serrano; CVH is Hiring!

* And, Some Odds & Ends



** Ongoing: Campaign & chapter meetings are ongoing. Contact CVH's campaign organizers

** March 12: NYC Public Housing campaign meeting about NYCHA leasing out land to private developers.  Contact Kflu@CVHaction.org.

** March 19: Next welfare campaign meeting in NYC.  Contact jennifer@CVHaction.org.

** March 23: Outreach day for Participatory Budgeting NYC.  Contact Carmen@CVHaction.org.

** March 30-April 7: Get Out The Vote and actual Voting for Participatory Budgeting.  Contact Carmen@CVHaction.org.

** Ongoing: NYC Welfare Campaign fights around city budget for funds for Transitional Jobs/ POP.  Contact Jennifer@CVHaction.org.

** Ongoing: Welfare Campaign travels to Albany to push for an end to Workfare.  Contact Jennifer@CVHaction.org.



** NYC Parks is Hiring: New York City is hiring maintenance and Parks Enforcement Patrols. You can see listings by visiting this link and searching for listings under "DEPT OF PARKS & RECREATION."  Contact Jennifer@CVHaction.org for more info.


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200 person public meeting with state & federal elected officials

ImageOver 200 people turned out on February 19th to the Family Partnership Center in Poughkeepsie to hear new Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, State Senator Terry Gipson, and State Assemblyman Frank Skartados talk about how they will work for low-income families of the Hudson Valley.

The discussion covered raising the minimum wage, securing funding for restoring vacant buildings and creating affordable housing in Poughkeepsie & Newburgh, passing "Fair Elections" campaign finance reform, replacing unpaid workfare programs with real jobs and training, immigration reform at the state and federal levels, and funding for youth programs and education.

Check out the press coverage & a video from the event or some pics on Facebook.

For more info email Rae@CVHaction.org in Newburgh or Blairg@CVHaction.org in Poughkeepsie.




The Public Housing campaign has been doing outreach in Coney Island to bring together families impacted by Hurricane Sandy. This work is being done as part of the Alliance For a Just Rebuilding. In fact, four members of the CVH Welfare campaign are already being trained on mold remediation as part of the Back Home, Back to Work program designed with Alliance for a Just Rebuilding allies.

In late January, Mayor Bloomberg announced that the city would be investing $40 million to address the backlog of more than 400,000 outstanding repair work-orders by the end of 2013.

We applauded the Mayor for this announcement, and we called on him to go further:

"CVH calls on the City to repurpose the millions of dollars currently tied up in a Memorandum of Understanding with the NY Police Department and the Department of Sanitation. This MOU has been a frustration of public housing residents and community groups for years in that it binds NYCHA into paying the police and sanitation for services that every other landlord in the city gets for "free" - i.e. no other landlord pays extra for such basic city services. In a time when federal operating and capital funds for public housing are on the decline, and fail to cover the basic costs of the critical infrastructure, such unjust payments should be eliminated."

You can read the entire statement here.

Contact Kflu@CVHaction.org for more info.


Participatory Budgeting Heats up in East Harlem, South bronx & Citywide!

Participatory Budgeting effort is reaching its peak, as we get closer to the final vote during the first week of April.

In addition to co-chairing the citywide steering committee, CVH is doing aggressive outreach to public housing residents in Council District 8, which covers East Harlem, the South Bronx and parts of the West Side, and we are managing outreach teams in 7 other city council districts to reach out to New Yorkers in communities traditionally disconnected from taking part in public decision-making. [Pictured here are two of the outreachers contacting Korean-speaking residents in Queens to participate in PB.]

Looking forward, we will be holding a briefing in April for candidates running for NYC Council this fall to educate them about the PBNYC process and hopefully hear that they will commit to taking part if they are elected!

Click here to see the full schedule for upcoming events. To get involved in District 8, contact Carmen@CVHaction.org. For outreach in other districts, contact James@CVHaction.org. And to hear how you can help to educate candidates for public office this year, contact Chris@CVHaction.org.



CVH members have been coming together in each of our four chapters to discuss the city and county elections that will take place this year and to think about what non-partisan strategies we can use to lift up our issues, understand the positions of the candidates and do effective outreach to our neighbors. We will be doing voter registration, joining with allies for a forum on affordable housing, and much more.

CVH Power, our sister organization, has been taking on a similar process to determine how to use more hard-hitting electoral strategies and to consider which races to focus on across the chapters and the different elections.  We will be directly reviewing candidates for possible endorsements and hitting the ground in support of those candidates, as well as joining with allies to do some aggressive work around the state.

For more info, contact Chris@CVHaction.org.


farewell to henry serrano; CVH is hiring!

If you know Henry Serrano, you know he wouldn't actually want us to make this sort of announcement. That's why it's OK that we just get to doing it now, 10 weeks after the fact: Henry Serrano has stepped down from his position as senior organizer. Henry is reading, painting his apartment, traveling, and doing whatever it is he pleases to do as he pleases to do it. (So that last part hasn't changed!)

A big thank you to Henry for the 12+ years he spent working to take CVH from a single-issue, single-chapter organization to the growing group it is now and, most importantly, thank you to Henry for fighting and winning campaigns alongside CVH members and allies that have improved the lives of low-income New Yorkers. THANK YOU, HENRY! [Photo courtesy of North Star Fund.]

Henry, wouldn't want even this brief nod to his work, so we will quickly move to this next announcement: CVH IS HIRING FOR TWO POSITIONS and looking for summer interns!

CVH is seeking a highly experienced Director of Organizing to manage and build CVH's multi-issue, multi-chapter organizing and campaign work.  The ideal candidate for this position will be someone who has a vision and strong desire to build CVH's statewide power, but also loves to implement program work at the local level and to work directly with organizers and leaders to build a strong powerful base. 

CVH is also seeking an experienced lead organizer who wants to build and strengthen CVH's New York City Chapter organizing, base-building, and campaign work. We are seeking a mid to senior level community organizer with 4-6 years of experience who wants to play a critical part in taking CVH to a new level of power and influence in the NYC progressive movement and in the political sphere.

We are also looking for summer interns to support our campaigns through policy research and communications work. 

Read the full descriptions and to learn how to apply. For more info, email cvh@CVHaction.org.


AND, Some Odds & Ends...

We missed a few of our regular updates at the beginning of 2013, so here are some of the other things we've been up to over the last few months:

  • Hosted a Martin Luther King Jr tribute with dozens of members (January 2013, NYC)
  • Kicked off our partnership under HUD's Choice Neighborhood Initiative with the City of Yonkers and its public housing authority (February 2013, Yonkers)
  • Met with Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney and State Senate Democratic Conference Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins regarding our priority issues (January & February 2013)
  • Advanced our campaign to end the Work Experience Program in New York through educating over a dozen legislators in Albany (January - March 2013)
  • Began to coordinate a response to the NYC Public Housing Authority's proposal to lease out public housing property to luxury housing developers (February & March 2013, NYC)
  • Held Inauguration Day viewing party in Yonkers (January 2013)
  • Joined National People's Action for actions around the sequestration budget cuts in Washington DC (February 2013)
  • Participated in the NYS Transportation Equity Alliance conference in Albany (March 2013)
  • And much, much more!