Agnes Rivera, NYC

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My campaign was and still is public housing. Since 1988 I have lived in New York and since 1989 I have lived at Wagner Housing. The types of changes I have noticed in my community are two supermarkets’ that are privately owned. To me, I consider this a bad thing because the prices are outrages. The vendors are no longer in the streets because of it. In terms of crime, Wagner housing is the worse development.

I was introduced to CVH when an organizer for housing named David Dodge knocked on my door. He asked me about the issues I was facing with public housing. I remember specifically stating that elevators were breaking and repairs needed to be done urgently. I was interested in knowing more about the organization and so I invited the Executive Director Paul Getsos and David to my home to have a conversation with them. It was important for me at the time to get a feel for what they did for CVH. In 2006 I became a member because of the values and respect CVH had for people of color. They opened me up, and made me a rebel. Most importantly, they trained me on how to speak about the issues, not attack. I did not want the attack to become the main focus. Building power at CVH is important to me because you have to get others involved,  especially with the various issues that are going on in public housing. It was through CVH that I was able to teach my sons and daughters about the things that I was learning about.