Danielette Horton, NYC

Click Here to view Danielette's video on the changes she has seen in her Rockaway Beach Community. 

I have lived in New York for 30-35 years. In my community of Rockaway Beach, I have lived here for 15-16 years and I raised my daughter there. The changes I have noticed are development of private houses, a recreational YMCA, new supermarket and new roads. The violence has decreased in Rockaway Beach area due to a better community policing that is involved. I look forward to the changes later this year.

I was introduced to CVH ten years ago when issues around public housing were before the City Ccouncil. I had to do a presentation to City Council about public housing. In the year 2012, I decided to become a member. The reason was because I wanted my voice to be heard, have a positive impact on housing, specifically, and be involved in my community. Building power is important because with power comes action, and action can move policies and issues, and ultimately it leads to commitments and change.