Dorrian, Westchester

Click here to view Dorrian's video on why building power at CVH is important to him and his community in Yonkers. 

I have lived in New York for 37 years and in my community of Yonkers for 23 years. The changes I have seen within my community of Yonkers is the education level has decreased and kids are not learning the amount they are supposed too. Upcoming generations are not excelling and the youth are not able to move upward. Overall, everything about this town has gone backwards.

I was introduced to CVH by Juanita back in 2011. I met her through Stepping Up, which is a community organization that dealt with community issues. I then decided to become a CVH member. i had the opportunity to attend the National People’s Action convening in DC and I witnessed how CVH was part of a larger entity that I knew took action. CVH was able to educate the people.That is why building power within this organization is important by growing its members is essential. It has really been the only organization to sit politicians down at a table and question their political decisions.