Ketny Jean-Francois, NYC

Click here to view Ketny's video on why building power at CVH is important! 

I have lived in Brooklyn, NY over 30 years and I now live in East New York for 5 months now. The changes I have noticed in my community are gentrification and the dmisplacement of people in the communities from where they grew up. Although there is a lot of diversity increasing, people who have invested time in the community can’t afford to stay there and often times they have no place to go.

I was introduced to CVH by another member and my campaign was and still is welfare reform. I decided to become a member 11 years ago. I felt that people on public assistance needed a voice since there are so many lies and myths on who is in public assistance. Building power at CVH is important because individuals can build power themselves. Those in power really don’t represent the poor and working class. CVH gives me the chance to join in conversation about the different issues and defy the different misconceptions people can have.