CVH Confronts Mayor de Blasio

Community Voices Heard Members confront Mayor Bill de Blasio 

On May 31, 2017 CVH members interupted Mayor Bill de Blasio's usual morning workout at the Park Slope YMCA gym. After refusing to meet with us for months, we confronted Mayor de Blasio and questioned him on his budget proposal. This proposal towards public housing is nothing more than a bandaid on gunshot wound. By refusing to fund the removal of toxic mold in public housing, Mayor de Blasio has proven that he does not value the health conditions and well-being of the families and children who live there. He is more than willing to leave them breathing in toxic mold. Our members felt this was unacceptable so we went to the gym to confront him. 

At the gym, CVH leader Claudia Perez asked Mayor de Blasio, "Are you #fitforleadership? Will you meet with us to workout a billion dollars in this years budget for toxic mold removal in public housing?" He responded that he would meet with us after the city budget closes and that there was no more money for mold removal. CVH members were filled with indignation because we cannot wait another year for repairs. This is a public health emerency, fund toxic mold removal now. #PplsNYCHAplan