#Nocuts National Day of Action Press Release


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On Thursday, July 6th, the #NoCuts Coalition, an alliance of over 100 community organizations and counting, held a National Day of Action to demand an immediate halt to President Trump and the GOP’s proposed plans to cut almost $6.8 billion in funding from HUD and institute other reforms that would harm tenants while lining the pockets of private equity.  

The Day of Action included events in several states, including New York City, Los Angeles, California Denver, Colorado, Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, Springfield, Massachusetts, Baltimore, Maryland,  Nashville, Tennessee and Spokane, Washington, that saw thousands of people who rely on public housing, vouchers, and other HUD programs join with advocates to resist a housing agenda that puts millions at risk of homelessness and advance a vision of housing justice for all.

“Last night I met with more than 100 public housing residents in my district to address our collective concerns and opposition to the over $6 billion proposed cuts to HUD funding,” said U.S. Congressman Adriano Espaillat (NY-13). “Hearing from tenants about their deteriorating buildings and complaints of mold harming the health of our city’s youth and senior citizens, there is a dire need for the federal government to assist the New York City Housing Authority with meeting its $18 billion in unfunded capital needs. I will continue my fight for NYCHA funding and look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress to help improve the lives of public housing residents across the country.”

"Decent, safe, affordable housing is a basic human right, but it's a right that's being denied to millions of families in the U.S. right now.  Instead of tackling that problem, the Trump Administration is trying to double down with massive cuts to programs and rent hikes for the poorest families.  Across the country, families are fighting back at home and in D.C. next week.  We will not let Trump hollow out our nation and hand the spoils to Wall Street."  George Goehl, co-executive director of People's Action Institute

“Trump and the Republicans in Congress are turning their backs on millions of people, slashing the funds they need to live in order to coddle big corporations and Wall Street landlords,” said Gabriel Strachota, NYC Lead Organizer Community Voices Heard “Already we see the moral blight of housing inequality and homelessness in America, and slashing billions in funding for housing programs will make things exponentially worse.”

“While President Trump erects high rises and the GOP’s wealthy benefactors luxuriate in mansions, working class people are struggling to get by, and a $7 billion cut to the HUD budget could be the difference between having a roof over their head or being on the street,” said Clarisa Alayeto, Member- Community Voices Heard , who took part in an event in the Bronx.

The coalition is demanding real solutions and are committed to fighting to:

  • Stop Trump’s cut to HUD and fully fund public housing, Section 8, and other federal programs that support low-income tenants and homebuyers.

  • End federal guarantees of Blackstone and other private equity landlords.

  • Expand permanent affordable housing to meet the need nationwide and create necessary revenue through taxing real estate speculation and luxury developers.

This past April, New York City Councilman Ritchie Torres, CVH Executive Director Afua Atta-Mensah, CVH Lead Organizer Gabriel Strachota and the Rev. Johnny Ray Youngblood were among several other #NoCuts members who were arrested protesting President Trump’s proposed federal housing cuts as hundreds denounced Trump’s callous plan in an act of Civil Disobedience.  This national day of action is a continuation of efforts to stop these cuts


Community Voices Heard (CVH), a multiracial organization in New York that advocates for racial, and social, and economic justice organized the events.

For specific data on impact of HUD Cuts by city go here: https://affordablehousingonline.com/FY18-hud-budget-cuts#1

Background: Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are threatening to cut more than $7 billion in HUD funding and plan to eliminate the CDFI fund. These housing programs support low-income people across the country. These cuts will further drive run-away housing inequality and target low income people - especially people of color and immigrants living in public housing or receiving rental subsidies across the country.  

Cuts are leveled at public housing, but also at popular programs like Housing Choice Vouchers, CDBG, and HOME that poor people in both rural and suburban areas rely on. Treasury’s CDFI fund that helps low income people become homebuyers is eliminated in Trump’s budget. Programs that support privatization and add debt to Public Housing such as RAD will remain whole and likely be deregulated further to allow for more abuse.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson has hinted that HUD spending cuts will be made up in an infrastructure bill, or through tax policy. The infrastructure bill is widely expected to be a massive giveaway to private equity. Tenants across the country are uniting to fight back against the corporate takeover of our homes, and for real housing solutions!  For More Info: https://www.nocutscoalition.org


National Participating Organizations:

People’s Action, Center for Popular Democracy, Right to the City Alliance, Homes for All, Community Voices Heard, New York Communities for Change, MH Action, Tenant Union of Washington State, Homes For All Nashville, Baltimore Housing Roundtable, United Workers, ARISE, One North side, Jane Adams Senior Caucus, Housing Justice League, Miami Workers Center, 9-5, POWER-LA



·      Community Voices Heard

·      U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer

·      Manhattan North District Council of Presidents

·      Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies (FPWA)

·      New York Communities for Change

·      MFY Legal Service

·      Pratt Center for Community Development

·      Neighbors Helping Neighbors

·      Center for NYC Neighborhoods

·      GOLES

·      FUREE

·      Legal Aid Society

·      Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition

·      CAAAV

·      WE ACT for Environmental Justice

·      Community Service Society

·      Center for NYC Neighborhoods

·      Transport Workers Union Local 100

·      National Action Network

·      Racial & Economic Justice

·      Red Hook Initiative

·      Goddard Riverside Community Center

·      Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)

·      DC37

·      Picture The Homeless

·      Greater New York LECET

·      Unique People Service

·      Coalition for the Homeless

·      United Neighborhood Houses

·      Supportive Housing Network of New York

·      Carroll Gardens Association

·      NYC Democratic Socialists of America

·      NYC Councilman Torres

·      Grand St. Settlement

·      Justice for All. Berning Green

·      New York State Tenants and Neighbors

·      LiveOn NY

·      Banana Kelly

·      Greater New York

·      LECET

·      Working Families Party

·      DEMOS

·      ANHD

·      LiUNA Local 78

·      The Black Institute

·      CASA-New Settlement