Statewide Organizing

CVH transformed itself from a one-city, one-issue organization into a multi-chapter, multi-issue organization after a strategic planning process in 2014. A combination of things led us to this decision, but mainly a recognition that many changes that we sought were governed by state policy and we needed more reach to be able to have impact.

We now have chapters in four different parts of the state - New York City (covering all 5 boroughs, with deeper "hubs" in particular areas) and the Hudson Valley, including Westchester, Orange and Dutchess Counties. We build our power, however, by not only acting as hubs and chapters independently, but also by bringing together our members from across the entire region, and focusing collectively on the state when appropriate. We are able to come together across the state for leadership development opportunities as well as for campaign opportunities that affect us all.

•For more information or to get involved, contact our Director of Organizing Stephen Roberson ( or our Mass Engagement Director Aaron Jones (