Leadership Development

At CVH’s core is a commitment to leadership development among our constituency so that low-income people directly affected by the issues can be the change agents needed to improve critical policies and programs that impact their lives. CVH taps into innate talent that our members already have and then works with individuals, taking them through progressive steps to hone and enhance that talent, and direct people’s ignited passion. We re-orient anger and frustration - showing people how to re-direct their energy at systems and structures and become powerful agents of change. Such leadership development is a core focus of our work and takes consistent investment and an intentional process. It is what we are most proud of and what makes us unique. 


We actively seek out low-income people in their neighborhoods. 


We find out what motivates each individual—what change they seek, what drives them
to make change.


We encourage people to step outside their comfort zones and into leadership roles—facilitating a meeting, visiting a legislator, testifying at a public hearing, speaking to the press, etc.


We challenge people to develop their networks—exchanging information and ideas, and moving to action on issues of common importance.


We build awareness and capacity through training and workshops—the fundamentals of organizing, the policies and systems that impact communities and people living in poverty, and the movements for economic, social and racial justice that we work within.


We develop a collective understanding of the issues and systems that most fundamentally challenge people, to understand our power to change them.


We select issues to move on, based on political opportunities and a clear power analysis.


We develop leadership teams that bring together people ready to bring about change through building their networks, advancing their power, and organizing around issues until they WIN!