Sojourner Salinas

I suffered home foreclosure in 2010 and have been living at the YWCA since 2011. I always knew that there were policies that were hurting people, but didn’t know how to change them. I saw the event flyer for Westchester People’s Assembly and it really drew my attention. After that meeting, I got really involved. I participated in my first lobby meeting with Councilman Ben Boykin to talk about the People’s Agenda, which included fighting for funding for after school programming, and increases for families living below poverty level.

CVH provides training for member-leaders, and along with the spirit I have already, this helps me to be more powerful.

I know advocating for myself is not enough; I want to get people in the community involved, build relationships, make an impact with political figures in Westchester/White Plains to campaign against poverty. I’m going to be a powerhouse, plain and simple.