In the News

Newburgh approves jobs program (Mid-Hudson News Network)

May 1, 2012: The city council on Monday approved a $75,000 project proposed by the Workforce Development Institute to employ jobless residents throughout Newburgh. The resolution was tabled during a meeting on April 24, but after further research and cajoling from a group of activists called Community Voices Heard passed it through with some hesitancy.

N.Y. Progressive Groups Call for Investigation of Lobby Supporting Cuomo (NonProfit Quarterly)

April 24, 2012: The Committee to Save New York is a nice sounding name for an organization that purports to be something of a good government effort of business CEOs geared up to support the agenda of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Two politically progressive groups “often associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement and unions,” according to the Associated Press, think that the Committee is really a “‘Super PAC’ for wealthy interests.”

Participatory Budgeting Lets Citizens Experiment With Economic Democracy (Huffington Post)

April 16, 2012: For many American cities, the budget process is basically fiscal hell, and the politics of plugging potholes and funding schools akin to legislative purgatory. But a tiny miracle just arrived in New York City. Communities are experimenting with Participatory Budgeting, a system for giving local people a say in planning their budget priorities. While it's no magic bullet, the program marks a small step toward economic democracy in Gotham.