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Wagging the dog (Crain's Insider)

There’s been no shortage of positive news spewing forth from the second floor’s press office this week after a potentially damaging report revealed that the gambling industry had funneled millions into a group closely aligned with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

In recent days, Cuomo has backed a bill to decriminalize open possession of marijuana, announced job fairs across the state, helped broker a labor agreement and even teamed up with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to reveal a plan to fight prescription drug abuse.

Defense Offered for Cuomo on Ties to Lobbying Group (NY Times)

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on Tuesday defended Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s support from a private lobbying group that promoted his agenda, even as some government watchdog groups questioned the relationship.

“You know, the governor is trying to get some private money to tell a message — to give a message,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “I’m totally sympathetic in how difficult it is to get your message out.”