Programmatic Goals

Community Voices Heard is working to:

  • Achieve more equitable communities in which all residents have access to a) a decent, affordable home, b) a decent job or education and training to develop job skills, and c) a social safety net for those unable to work. 
  • Create more participatory forms of government in which low-income residents actively participate in decisions and oversight around a) funding meant for low-income communities, and b) development within their neighborhoods and cities.  
  • Spur the creation of living wage jobs, transitional jobs with education and training components, and to improve working conditions and training for participants in job programs.  
  • Expand civic participation by low-income people of color through non-partisan voter engagement, and other activities in order to increase the power of low-income people of color in campaigns and elections, and to ensure that candidates and elected officials address and commit to working on issues of concern to our membership.
  • Ensure the preservation, and pushing for the improvement, of public housing and services for public housing residents.   This includes getting greater levels of government funding for public housing and preventing and monitoring any moves towards privatizing public housing stock.  
  • Expand the power of the organization through coordinated statewide work, in order to have more clout with more state officials and gain more wins on programs and policies that are made at the state level.  
  • Have transparency and accountability of the government, at all levels, and community participation in determining the allocation and spending of these funds.