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Participatory Budgeting New York City (PBNYC) gives real decision making power to community residents. From it’s inception in 2011 with just four City Council Districts, PBNYC has grown to 27 City Council Districts participating at the start of cycle five. Through this process community residents get to decide how $1 million dollars or more is spent to improve their community. That’s over $50 million dollars TOTAL that’s been decided on since PBNYC began. Improvements to schools, parks, libraries, and public housing are just a few of the things people get to decide on using a ballot.

Voting for projects represents the kind of common sense solution that is hard to disagree with: people having a direct say over how money in their communities should be spent. CVH, one of the organizations that brought PB to New York City, helped push for the institutionalization of the process, and has been able to witness this as it becomes integrated into the way government makes decisions.

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PBNYC Cycle 5 Press Release

City Hall 
New York, NY 10007
                                                                                                                                                                          (212) 788-7116
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May 26, 2016



Contact: (212) 788-7116
Release #: 051-2016

Want your wish granted? Then, participate.


November 10, 2015

In the bureaucracy that is NYC government, individual residents and their wish lists often get lost.

Now, those wishes can be granted. Would you want a playground or new technology at your child's school? Are you interested in a dog run in the park, a fixed roof for the library, or upgrades to a senior center? What about better street lighting, sidewalks, or wheelchair ramps?

Participatory Budgeting Grows in NYC - Why Isn’t Every Council Member Doing It?

Participatory Budgeting Grows in NYC - Why Isn’t Every Council Member Doing It?

by Colin O'Connor, Oct 23, 2015

In four years participatory budgeting has exploded from four to 27 New York City Council districts. With over 51,000 voters casting ballots last cycle to allocate a total of $32 million dollars to projects across the city, New York‘s experiment in direct democracy has quickly become the largest of its kind in North America.