Policy Reports

Community Voices Heard has been researching poverty and the governmental structures dealing with poverty extensively since our inception. We have published reports and drafted proposals describing what changes are necessary for a more fair and equal society. The links below will direct you to copies of these reports and proposals.

Democracy (In)Action Report Finds NYCHA Violates Federal Regulations on Public Housing Resident Participation

CVH released a report, "Democracy (In)Action: How HUD, NYCHA and Official Structures Undermine Resident Participation in New York City Public Housing," which finds that the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is violating federal regulations (referred to as the 964 regs) that ensure residents’ participation in policymaking. To make matters worse, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – the chief enforcer of the 964 regulations – is failing to provide the appropriate oversight to ensure that residents can meaningfully and democratically participate.

Missing the Mark: A Report on NYC’s Back to Work Program & Its Effectiveness In Meeting Employment Goals for Welfare Recipients

This report, released in November 2008 as a follow-up study to The Revolving Door (2005), explores HRA’s Back to Work (BTW) Program, focusing on how it compares to the Employment Services and Placement (ESP) Program and what impact the program changes have and on clients and vendors. The BTW Program was designed to serve both applicants and recipients of public assistance – providing assessment, case management, and job development services.

Failure to Comply: The Disconnect Between Design and Implementation in HRA's WeCARE Program

In early 2005, the NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) implemented the Wellness, Comprehensive Assessment, Rehabilitation and Employment (WeCARE) Program to determine which public assistance recipients and applicants have multiple and complex barriers to employment and provide them with specialized services that were not available under HRA’s previous support and training programs.

The Revolving Door: Research Findings on NYC's Employment Services and Placement System and Its Effectiveness In Moving People

This report documents the results of a comprehensive examination of the Employment Services and Placement (ESP) System, a key program developed and administered by the Human Resources Administration (HRA) to further its work-first approach. The renewal contracts, established by the start of 2003, allocated up to $130 million for program services over three years – estimating that the program would service almost 80,000 people in that time period.