Policy Reports

Community Voices Heard has been researching poverty and the governmental structures dealing with poverty extensively since our inception. We have published reports and drafted proposals describing what changes are necessary for a more fair and equal society. The links below will direct you to copies of these reports and proposals.

Wages Work! An Examination of New York City’s Parks Opportunity Program (POP) and Its Participants

The Parks Opportunity Program (POP) is the largest public sector paid transitional jobs program in the country. When initiated in March of 2001, the POP Program, along with other Transitional Jobs Programs in New York City, represented a significant shift away from forcing welfare recipients to perform unpaid workfare assignments (known as WEP) toward paying people a wage for working in city agencies on a transitional basis.

Time Limits or Time Bomb? Assessing New York City Welfare as the Five-Year Time Limits Approach

In December of 2001, over 76,000 New York State families receiving public assistance were set to reach their five-year time limits on federal public assistance. Of these, over 40,000 were based in New York City. An additional, 26,232 New York City families were to reach their time limits by September 2002. From October 2000 to March 2001, Community Voices Heard administered a survey to 595 individuals at over 30 welfare centers around the City, in an effort to evaluate the services and information they were receiving in advance of the time limits.